About Us

Who We Are
Cerebral Choice Software Solutions is a software development and consulting company located in Irvine, California. We are a fast growing company dedicated to improving the efficiency of software development practices.

With our university ties and a strong local IT community, we reduce overhead while utilizing great expertise; providing the best quality for the right price.

Mission Statement
Cerebral Choice Software Solutions’ mission is to help advance software development practices and efficiency around the globe. We will provide the right quality for our customers, in the fastest time, and for the lowest possible cost.

In so doing, Cerebral Choice Software Solutions is dedicated to developing our people and their professions. We will always be the most experienced and technologically savvy partner to our clients. Our clients choose us over our competition because we are business driven and application focused.

Our employees will belong to a family of professionals who always advance their skills and profession, making us the most sought after software development partner and employer.