Financial Management & Accounting
Software development for finance and banking requires extreme rigor in defining the need and validating the outcome. Cerebral Choice Software Solutions, Inc. can help you develop and deploy comprehensive accounting and finance software solutions specialized for your needs. If you need to process a multitude of transactions, keep track of assets and liabilities, conduct ongoing financial operations, reconcile cash workflows, generate financial statements like profit or loss, or implement a specialized inventory management system, Cerebral Choice Software Solutions, Inc. can help you achieve that!

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In addition to our software development services in the financial market, we also offer three native Windows 8 Apps for our customers to purchase:

  • Cerebral Accounting™

    This is a small business accounting software with basic inventory management, balance sheet reports, profit and loss reports, trial balance reports, and many more features. To know more about Cerebral Accounting, click here.

  • Cerebral Budget™

    This is a simple personal finance app for individuals to help them manage their personal expenses and bills. To find out more, please click here.

  • Cerebral Bills™

    This is a simple personal bills reminder. To find out more, click here.