Process Assessment

Almost all software developers were involved, at some point in their careers, in this debate of process vs. productivity. On one hand, most agree that a good software development process improves quality. On the other hand, because of many reasons including the unavailability of sufficiently capable tools that assist in applying software development processes, productivity might be hindered when processes are not agile and flexible.

Cerebral Choice Software Solutions can help you define, refine, and apply a customized software development lifecycle that works for you! By understanding what you do, your tendencies, and your needs we can help you develop a software development lifecycle and processes that improve the quality of your products, while increasing the productivity of your software developers.

We are experts in software development processes, certified Scrum Masters, and have a lot of experience in regulated environments (especially FDA regulations). By getting to know you and your environment, you can be assured that Cerebral Choice Software Solutions, Inc. will be the perfect partner for you to help define the processes and improve efficiencies

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