CC0ARCH1D: Introduction to Software Architecture Design and Evaluation
1-day crash course.
$799 per student 

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In this course students will be introduced to formal methodologies for software architecture design and evaluation. In the real world, software is a complex system of components and modules. If you are tasked with evaluating an existing architecture or designing a new system from scratch, the task can be overwhelming. This course will introduce you to the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method where you will learn how to develop quality attributes, evaluate existing or proposed architectures against such attributes, and make sure that your design meets the business needs. You will go through an exercise where the team will review high level business requirements, design the process to gather data from stakeholders, and develop the quality attributes. Then, a couple of architectural proposals will be evaluated and rated against the quality attributes.


This course is designed for experienced software developers who are new to the role of Software Architect, are in the process of designing a new software system, or need to evaluate an existing software architecture against some business requirements.

This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • 1 or more years of experience creating applications


  • What is an architecture?
  • Why architecture analysis is important
  • Introduction to quality attributes and as they relate to software architectures
  • Tradeoffs and analysis of quality attribute
  • Architecture Documentation
  • ATAM evaluation
    • the steps of the ATAM
    • the roles and responsibilities of the various participants
    • the artifacts created during the evaluation

Cancellation Policy

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