Software Project Management Courses

Software projects are notorious for going over budget and being behind schedule! Great developers are not always good project managers. But how can they become good project managers if they have not been trained?

Cerebral Choice Software Solutions, Inc. offers 1-day crash courses and full 3-day courses in Software Project Management. If you are a programmer who was recently put in charge of managing a project, then you would benefit from the cerebral classes! Also, if you are NOT a programmer but you were put in charge of managing a software project (or software is part of the project you are managing), then the 3-day class is a great way for you to learn about how software is different or similar!


  • 3-day Project Management Course: This class introduces programmers to the different software project management paradigms, shows learners the ropes, and introduces some of the tools utilized during software development projects that can help the project manager!


  • 3-day SCRUM with TFS Course: This class introduces developers, project managers, and product managers to the SCRUM agile software development. In the first 2 days, the SCRUM principles will be covered including severa hands on exercises. During the third day, an introduction to the Team Foundation Server is presented and a mock-project will be executed using SCRUM and TFS.